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$29.70 per sale
 'Aloe - Your Miracle Doctor' is a unique eBook where all information people want to know about aloe and best tested home remedies were put together. Because it is so unique, it is easy to sell and very popular.
The price is reasonable and attractive that helps to sell easily.
The affiliate program is managed by ClickBank - the most respected leader in selling digital products delivered online.
It is FREE to sign up for a ClickBank account. If you have not signed up yet, please go HERE (opens in a new window). You will select your unique ID (a nickname), that  will be used in all affiliate links (hoplinks) you create.

A Spanish version of the ebook with affiliate tools is available now. Also, ClickBank supports Spanish language and provides an order form in Spanish.

There is a huge PPC opportunity in foreign languages.

There is a way how to send your visitors directly to the Spanish sales page. You can learn more inside of the affiliate area.
If you have a clickbank nickname, just change the word affiliate to it:
For example, if your clickbank nickname is johndoe
your affiliate link is going to be:
Your affilite ID will be hidden when you send your customer to this website. This way you will not lose any single sale (Unfortunately, some people change hoplinks by replacing your nickname with THEIR clickbank ID and try to take a sale from you. This will never happen here. Your hoplink will be protected).
To insure that everything works fine, you can do a simple test: open a new window, enter your hoplink in the address bar (for example,, hit enter key and you will see without showing your affiliate ID in the address bar. Go to the clickbank order page (where a customer enters his credit card number) and at the bottom of the page you will see (affiliate=johndoe) in our example. Of course, it will show your nickname because you will create your own hoplink.
If a customer does not purchase the ebook in his first visit, you will still make commissions for up to 60 days, if he returns and purchases it later.
You will get 100% credit for your affiliate traffic and will not lose any single sale because we do not use any other payment company (like PayPal) other than Clickbank.
You can view sales 24/7 in real time in your ClickBank account.
The affiliate program is completely free, no registration fees, no obligation, earning check is delivered every 2 weeks from ClickBank.
You will not lose any traffic because we use only ClickBank and no other payment companies, no Google Adsence, no any advertisement on this site that can distract your affiliate customers and take a sale from you.
When you sign up below, you will get an access to all affiliate tools, such as articles, reviews, graphics, a free report that you can offer to your visitors or subscribers, videos and more.

The reason why I am asking you to sign up is that I want to keep you updated on all new affiliate tools and versions in other languages. (The Dutch version will be next)

Please, do not forget to confirm your subscription and add the emaill address to your address book.

To get an access to the affiliate area,
please sign up below:

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